It seems like the waiting seasons are typically lengthy ones, down-to-the-wire ones, where everything comes together as needed, no need to worry, right when you need it you’ll have it… But once you know where you are going you just want to get there! You and I know that in this life unfolding we seem to swing between aching + waiting for a promise to be fulfilled and then celebrating the receiving, back and forth, back and forth, and its grown perseverance in my bones. Seems my Father has graduated me to a new training recently: faith in favor.

Ready for a tale of favor? Not surprisingly it begins in dire circumstances.

The Car 

Somewhere along the four hour drive back home from my visit in Milwaukee my vehicle suffered damage. Something was really wrong with my vehicle. I got it into the mechanic and he said it was repairable but considering how much Id spent on maintenance and how much I travel he suggested it was time to sell the vehicle and get a new one, preferably by the end of the week. I had intended to replace my car for a month or two but was waiting for the right time to put those wheels in motion. This was the time. My Father always tells me when its time, sometimes its through obvious things, not still small voices, but my soul still recognizes His voice on it.

A local dealership was running a trade-in special where they would purchase your old vehicle and put the amount toward your purchase of a new car. I thought that would be my best option. With a little research I found a new vehicle at the dealership that would be within my price range granted I could get a loan for it (which technically I shouldn’t have been able to do as my job doesn’t produce a pay stub and I wouldn’t be able to prove to the bank that I could make my payments — I was holding out faith in favor and waiting to cross that bridge until we got to it). I test drove it and was satisfied. My Dad suggested I consider the car one size up from it though as being more suited to my needs, weather conditions in the Midwest and simply my taste. The price wasn’t much more so I followed his advice. The dealership was unable to give me enough money for my old vehicle and I didn’t have a buyer lined up for it yet so I had no cash to bring to the table. My Dad has excellent standing at the bank though so with him a co-signer we were able to get a loan for the full amount of the new vehicle and the payments would come out to be just a few dollars higher than I had budgeted for. By heavenly favor I drove a brand new vehicle, of my color choice off the lot, completely paid for by the loan I shouldn’t have been able to get but did, and only having one or two weeks worth of pay from my new very part-time nanny gig in the bank.

I told my employer about my situation and that I would need to have a guaranteed 30hrs a week rather than 10hrs a week from now on and while it was my preference to work for them if I had to I would find a second job. She and her husband had been discussing how they could give me more hours a week just as my text came in. By Monday I had 30hrs a week from them and would be more than able to make my car payments each month.

Having driven my new car around for a month I kept thinking I should list my old vehicle. I had posted it on FB right after purchasing the new one and had immediate feedback but no follow through. It wasn’t the time so I’d just been waiting for that to change. On an insignificant afternoon the thought rang in my head and I went home and posted my listing on Craigslist. The next morning I had email inquiries waiting for my response. By noon I was shaking hands with the new owner of my old vehicle and praying over his children. This was not ironic timing. The man and his son had been driving through town two days earlier when someone ran a red light and wrecked their vehicle. He and his wife both drive for work and they need two vehicles so he needed to replace their wrecked one immediately. Then my vehicle came up on Craigslist and it was perfectly suited to their needs. As we talked about the Lord’s provision we also discovered that he and his wife had been at the same School of Power and Love that I had been at in July. Our Father had brought His children together to bless each other — a vehicle for a family who needed it, and cash for His daughter who needed it.

The Job

I had made a profile on care.com but wasn’t actively applying for nannying positions in Milwaukee. It wasn’t time. Yes, it was October and yes, I was aiming to move there by the new year and yes, having work lined up there was a condition on me moving but it just wasn’t time to job hunt. Some forgettable weekday rolled around and in my FB notification feed my friend and Pastor in Milwaukee had tagged me in a status. Curious, I followed the link to a new friend of mine over in MKE who had posted asking if anyone was interested in taking over the nanny position that she had held for some time and was now relinquishing as she was moving overseas. I messaged her for details immediately and the following day I had an interview set up with the family for Sunday afternoon. 6am on Sunday I hopped in my car and drove to Milwaukee for the second time ever, went to church, hugged my new friends there, and then went to my interview. The family was wonderful and we spoke casually and openly but to the point about the position and before I could say anything about it the wife was asking her husband how many hours they could guarantee me because she really didn’t want me to find a different job. They had just met me and I got the job on the spot, in spite of the condition that I wasn’t going to move to Milwaukee immediately and therefore wouldn’t take over the position for two months still and they would be without someone until then — no worries! They wanted me and were willing to wait til the New Year. Favor!

The House 

With a job lined up and January 1st rolling around shortly — can I just say that November and December are the shortest months with so much preoccupation in planning for the holidays, if you aren’t diligent in preparation its the worst time of year to get set to move somewhere — Coming into the house hunt I thought I had two girls lined up to room with me but one was unavailable until July and the other wasn’t sure that she would be able to make the commitment. Moving forward in faith I combed for two types of listings: a place I could rent on my own, and a place with two bedrooms. While Amanda had legitimate circumstances to potentially hinder us being roommates I had a sense that my Father’s favor was working everything together. There wasn’t any harm in considering a solo nest for the first few months of my move if that was going to end up being my best option though.

House hunting can be frustrating online. I didn’t want to inquire about a dozen or more units so I was highly selective in which I emailed about. So many searches and different variables… my head was hurting and I was feeling stressed. January 1st had always been the goal and I knew the pieces would fall into place by then but somehow having it set in stone, having a commitment to fulfill with a new employer by that day, all the needed pieces felt suddenly weighty like literal objects rather than just thoughts and ideas. My perception had changed and it increased my urgency but the surety of Heaven was steadfast. I took a deep breath, let go, and waited.

Yesterday during some down-time I did a fresh search for housing. I emailed inquiries for two listings. One responded right away. Talking with the current tenant I got all my questions answered and he sent me a video tour of the place. It was a duplex unit that fit my vision for a home really well. The price was right as long as Amanda could split it with me. She and I talked and I got back to the current tenant about setting up a tour. My Dad and I, along with Amanda, are going to tour the property in five days and if it suits I’ll sign a lease that day. The lease would start December 1st and although thats a whole month before I move down it provides so much room to breathe because it gives us a whole month to move my furniture and belongings down there as is convenient.

The Finances 

I haven’t been saving money, I haven’t been working crazy amounts of hours, I’ve just been faithful to where Ive been placed — nannying and paying off little bits of credit card debt. The fact that the amount I sold my old car for a week ago is a few hundred dollars more than the amount I need for a deposit and first month’s rent on this duplex unit Im going to look at is another beautifully timed and favor-marked detail. Between that and my income of November and December, Ill cover all my current expenses and be able to pay rent even before beginning my new job in MKE. My Father, He doesn’t miss a thing!

Ive been praying in faith for favor over every condition on the list my parents made for me for nearly six months now. Being that I am an adult, they wouldn’t have stopped me from moving without fulfilling them but as much as the list was a sign of their care for me, my spirit knew that my Father wanted to fulfill them all to show His care for me. The last condition, the final detail, for my next move is credit card debt. Im going to be so well-paid at my new job in MKE that Ill be able to pay it all off in a matter of months so I don’t feel any urgency to pay it off now before my expenses increase. My parents see how it will balance out and they’re okay with it too. Still, I wouldn’t put it past Daddy God to cover this last detail before my move. I'll let you know how He does it!


PS: Where I'm learning to be present in the moment. Nanny days. 

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