After nearly twenty-four hours of dizzying travel, I'm home. 

I've been away nearly six months and my heart's about to lunge out of my chest with joy to be back where I belong. 

It doesn't make sense. Life is not comfortable here. 

But, somehow, it's this place that makes me come alive -- that makes me desperate for His Presence, always looking for His love, constantly aware of His great love. 

So there's a lot of distance between here & there & sometimes it can feel overwhelming. How do you say goodbye to your family for the long years? How do you make the choice to not be a part of the daily life with them? But then heart comes face-to-face with the One who made me & the burdens shift & loads become lighter & the unexpected place becomes home.

I didn't know the place meant so much to me.
But then I left & returned & now spend the days here wondering how it is I'll be able to leave it again?

I don't suspect it will be for long this time. He's made it abundantly clear: this is the purposed place. 

And so even though my heart wrestles with the weight of that commitment, searches for answers in the midst of great unknowns & wonders how He plans for it all to unfold, I am completely at peace: No one knows me better than He. 

So I've been here nearly four days, back in the land I adore.
And, really, I haven't hardly slept -- jet-lag is not a companion of mine.

But, the hours -- they've already been well spent. They make me realize how full life is when we're about His heart's business, safely trusting our will to Him. 

It's cold and wet here, the rain pouring heavy over the city. I didn't wear my rain boots when I left and conveniently forgot to pack an umbrella. And so it'll be long walks throughout town today & I'm sure to end the week with a cold, but all is well. 

I've got an eight-month old baby on my hips & sure, she's cried most of the day. But, I'm here & I've got this incredible honor of loving on the Ones His heart beats tenderly for.

I think that's maybe what it means when we make our home in Him, yeah? 


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