It's been a whirlwind of a year. Seems the seasons have rolled in and back out again without me hardly noticing. How does life blaze by so fast?

I'm stateside, but my heart is desperate for home across the deep blue. This always being present to the moment is becoming more difficult & I'm consistently wondering how in the world the heart is supposed to do that?

Creature comforts and familiarity and blood ties here.
Difficulty and unknown and the few people who make up family there.

And it's flight costs updating every few days on my screen and mid-night calls with the faces thousands of miles away from me and a whole lot of hoping and praying that He'll bring all the nonsense of it into a holy sense of Him. 

I don't know how that's supposed to happen, really.
Sometimes I don't even know what I want.

Here or there? It feels too complicated. Too heavy.

So, I've just decided that I'll settle in close to Him, let Him work out His always good plans from His heart that beats all the time love. 

For now? Calendar tells me I'm 7 days away from flying over the deep waters.
And I'm all sorts of giddy inside.

Maybe someday you'll come with?

For now, let's just love Him where we're at, keep our hearts intent on following Him to the ends of the earth, allow His Spirit to awaken deep faith and extraordinary purpose in us and maybe, we'll just find that this is the life we've been created for from the beginning?

Because, really -- what other living is there?


PS: Streets from home. 

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