Hi dear,

Its a bleak Tuesday morning out my window, the kind you don’t mind when you’re forgetting the chill in a coffee shop. Tracing the lid of that paper cup, shaking my head and smiling at the way life unfolds, your eyes would be full of a knowing look if I could look up and meet them now. You understand it all too well.

I don’t look back in a wishful way, I am not headed that direction, the promise is ahead not behind, but do you ever page back through old journals, or flip through some images from those times and just remember you actually lived it? Some songs trigger the memories of moments, looks or sensations. Some seasons bring back the words, adventures and dreams. Time and sun fade it all until it seems like another life completely. Like your life ended and an entirely new one began after the mourning period. I’m here now and I wouldn’t trade this present for the future I lost, my Father has taken the tragic lines and strung them together as the prelude of a double blessing. 

The redeemed unfolding I walk in today stands on the shoulders of a wild and wonderful “little infinity” of yesterday though, and I think its good to remember all of our story.


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