It's one of those days where you can just feel the new mercies closing in around you, when the sky appears bluer and the sun seems a little warmer and your lips crease joy just because. Smiling yet? Yeah, me too. A whole mile wide.

These days don't always happen. Sometimes the ugly of life crowds in a little too much. But not today. Today I choose joy. Today, I'll let new mercies cradle me in close and I'll let myself feel it, how I'm loved.

Your words? They give me fresh hope. His favor abounds over you and that song He's singing? Yeah, I can hear it all the way over here, how He just loves you. Isn't it a wonder to be loved by Him? I'm a mess thinking about it today.

I'm settled in the wait and if I'm gritty honest here, it's hard work. 
Whoever said waiting was a chore for the half-hearted?

It's moment-to-moment battle, this preaching gospel to myself, and waging war with enemy and fighting off lies and gripping it, tighter and tighter, working out this faith and believing that He who promised is faithful. 

I'm feeling a wee bit exhausted. And maybe even a little bit defeated.

He's whispered promise to my heart, but all I see? Nothing.

How do we keep the faith, hold on, say that we're not going to let loose our grip on it until He fulfills the spoken word and how did Jacob do it? I think I need some of his grit. Let me touch the thigh of the One who fulfills.

Now, please?

Yeah, it's a lot easier to feel like the rest of them, "There's giants in the promised land. We can't do this." But if the other two didn't believe? If they'd agreed? Let logic control them? Fear get the best of them? Doubt? Yeah, they would have missed out on holy gift. 

Let it not be, Lord. 

So, I'm settled here and yeah, I have my days of defeat. But, we say that He who lives in us is greater.

I don't know what today will bring.
But no matter what comes?
We can always have as much of God as we want.

And He is the promise.

Hoping that soon you'll get letter and we will both rejoice that fulfillment does come and hope in Him really never disappoints. I'm fully anticipating it.

More soon,

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