It’s a cool, crisp morning here. I’ve just set kettle to the stove — mint tea with an extra teaspoon of honey … one of my favorites. These are the moments of still, quiet — when my soul settles into new mercies and I breathe it all in deep. 

The looking back is a bit of a messy thing, isn’t it? I let the tea leaves steep in boiled water and remember how real the moments were & yet struggle with a sort of faint curiosity, wondering if, in fact, they really did happen? You know, dear, don’t you? 

Ah, and so we recognize the season for what it is and was, but set our gaze steady upon the One who can and does and will restore all things unto Himself. And this what keeps us moving forward, looking ahead, believing for more, for better, for beauty from loss. 

I’m on the edge of it, dear. There’s new life swarming and breathtaking plans pressing through the mess of this broken life and there’s a whole lot of God wooing me and calling me deeper into Him. So this morning, I choose not to remember the former things, but to embrace the things yet to come, the gifts He has yet to give, the promises He has yet to fulfill. 

That’s the heart’s gaze as I sip at my tea this morning. I think if you were sitting across from me, you’d see it too: how that’s the only way to spend a life — believing. 


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