Two weeks. Fourteen days. I'm moving to a new land, walking into the unfolding new of life’s next season. The lease still needs to be signed and money sent in. The boxes and furniture still need to be packed and loaded into a truck. The last hours at this job here need to be worked as faithfully as the last — with extra snuggles and cuddles for the kiddos I won’t get to hold for awhile once I leave. The Christmas festivities still need to be held with my loved ones. Just fourteen days. Only two weeks.

Oh, soul, who is your Father, from Whom comes your help?
>> “You’re the One Who conquers giants, You’re the One Who calls out kings; You shut the mouths of lions, You tell the dead to breathe; You’re the One Who walks through fire, You take the orphans hand; You are the One Messiah; You are I Am.”

Who gave you the "when" to move? 
>> New Years Day. Ive known for nearly six months.

Who gave you the "where"? 
>> Milwaukee, WI. Placed on my heart in July and confirmed in September.

Who rained down favor and provided a job, a car, a house? 
>> read that account here.

Stand firm, my soul. Take heart. 

We are turning up the risk, He says, and the ones around you who care for you have natural concerns. Don’t be swayed by them. You know it will all work out because you know Me. Let what you see be more real than what they don’t. It IS. Don’t let them keep you here in “safe” out of fear, out of unknowns. I have called you forward. Yes, into the deeper waters that you don’t know — but I DO. Your time in "safe" is done. Safe is not your calling, “sure” + “steady” + “ever present help” is. "Safe" is for children. You’re no longer a child. Come with Me into risk. My presence is steady and sure and will be your help and cover and companion. I know you rest in that, I know you’re ready to follow, I also know it feels heavy and lonely to you. It isn’t really. You will never bear the stresses or trials alone. I am your Husband. The burdens are Mine to bear, I just want you beside me through it. So walk in freedom! You have the authority and power of My Name as your own. All that is Mine is yours. I’ve got you. Let’s go take care of the ones around us.

Here we go! Fourteen days. Two weeks. ...

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